The accidental 1000% increase in revenue w/ Brandon Horoho

From a small American-made knife company turned into a thriving business in just three years. 

Join George as he interviews the co-founder of the Montana Knife Company, Brandon Horoho. Together they explore the success behind this rapidly growing company and uncover the key driver behind it all: authenticity. 

Listen in to discover…

  • The importance of staying true to your brand identity and values, even as you grow. 
  • How Montana Knife Company is revolutionizing the knife industry by focusing on quality, authenticity, and customer relationships.
  • Brandon’s insights on managing the stress and challenges that come with rapid business growth.

Brandon’s incredible journey with Montana Knife Company illustrates the power of authenticity, innovation, and dedication in business. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when you stay true to your vision. 

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