The Danger of Asking ‘How’: Forget How and Start Building Your Path

If you find yourself asking yourself “how” all the time, you may believe there is only one right way to do something. When you release the how, you’re able to take more swings, learn from your mistakes, and dream even bigger. On today’s episode with guest Johnny Elsasser, a Men’s Lifestyle Strategist, he’s sharing how you can forget the how and start building your own path.

Once you hit play on this episode, George and Johnny cover a wide range of topics, including the importance of acknowledging and accepting challenging feelings, building the muscle of addressing challenges head-on, and the power of dreaming big. 

You’ll also hear personal experiences with finding purpose and identity outside of the military and the importance of preemptively attacking issues in entrepreneurship. Plus the cherry on top, is you’ll learn about confirmation bias and how tuning our brains to new behaviors and habits can open us up to new opportunities. It’s a power packed episode that is for both men and women looking to break through their challenges and step into the purpose. 


Johnny Elsasser has spent years studying and coaching men to help them embody their authentic masculinity. Having conducted hundreds of interviews and coaching sessions, Johnny has discovered that every man has a unique set of masculinity traits that make them strong and confident. In his book, “Design the Man Within,” Johnny encourages men to look beyond societal expectations and find the man they desire to be. By doing so, they can stand confidently in their sovereignty, and become great fathers, husbands, and leaders. With his keen insights and passion for helping men become their best selves, Johnny is a valuable resource for anyone looking to live authentically as a man.

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