The Dangerous Power Of Your Environment

Motivation is “overrated”—Here is the secret weapon to success no one talks about. 

In this blog, you’re going to discover ONE simple change you can make to your life that’ll improve your life and set you up for success anywhere you go. 

Plus, I’ll be giving you some real-life examples of how this applies right now.

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SO what is the secret weapon?


Yep.  It can be tempting to blame others or circumstances for lack of motivation and willpower.

But – it’s often not that at all. 

Why is your environment so important? HOW does it apply to your life now?? 

Let’s get into it…

Why is your environment important?

Simply put – because humans have conditioned behaviors that dictate how we show up to the world. 

Tony Robbins referenced a study with 200 people and actors.

In the study, actors walked up to people and asked them to hold a cup of coffee. Half of the people were handed a warm cup, and the others cold.

80% of the people who were handed cold coffee identified the person who asked them to hold it as demeanor cold and disconnected. On the other hand,  81% of people that were handed warm coffee, said the state of the person was warm and gentle.

Why does this matter? 

Because we don’t consciously recognize how much the environment influences our lives.

We don’t realize the subtleties of the television shows that we watch, or the music we listen to. And there are thousands of variables inside our lives that influence our state in the world. 

Now if you’re thinking: “that’s just coffee, no way this matters!” 

I hear you! 

But believe it or not, environmental design is one of the most slept on secret weapons that you have in your arsenal. And today is your reminder that the environment around you dictates how you show up in the world.

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again. It might seem simple and subtle, but it’s the most powerful thing you can embrace. 

MOST of us have no problem pushing those little things like laundry or small messes aside. But all of those things around us have an impact on how we show up everyday.  

And at the end of the day, there’s only one person in charge of controlling your central nervous system and  your environment…YOU!

But without intention, your environment will always hinder your success. 

And one of the best strategies to create the outcomes you want to create.

Here’s how this all works. 

How does awareness help your environment?

If where you spend your time is an accident or feels like something that you have to do, then you are never going to thrive. 

Here’s a perfect example.

On my Instagram, there’s two message tabs. A primary and general.

The primary tab is anybody that I have a personal relationship with and the general tab is anybody who I’ve not met in person or I don’t know. When I open my Instagram for the day and I’m responding to DM’s, I go straight to the primary tab first, and then I go to the general tab.

That environment is designed to dictate my success and to keep my priorities straight, and you can apply it to anywhere inside your life. It’s those little things that you do every single day that’ll set you up for success. 

Design your environment in a way that will help you create the best life. 

Don’t let it be something that’s just a hobby. Find a space and start adding pieces to this so you can stack your results and work to your benefit because you are giving it the time it deserves, knowing the power that it has on you and every choice that you make. 

So that’s what I got for today. 

I’d love to hear from you. If you just found the Mind of George Show, welcome to the party. This is my slice of crazy. If you are a veteran, I still love you.

Now, go listen to a couple more episodes and start putting this into action. 

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