The difference between being in your power vs. in prison with Nikhil Kale

Do you find yourself longing for more clarity as you navigate entrepreneurship and life? 

The secret to it all? Learning how to come back to center with yourself. Today George is joined by his close friend and mentor, Nikhil Kale. 

Together, George and Nikhil dive into a candid conversation about beauty in unpredictable moments. They share insights on embracing both the light and darkness that comes with our journey through life and business. 

Life isn’t about perfection, but embracing the twists and turns that come with it. 

Tune in the learn how to…

  • Embrace chaos as a vessel for growth.
  • Practice gratitude as the antidote to fear.
  • Shift your perspective and dissolve the polarities

By the end, you’ll be armed with a fresh mindset, ready to navigate life’s rollercoaster of a journey. 

Nikhil, the visionary behind “GODFORCE” and co-founder of ASRAYA (asraya.io), serves as its CEO and Ecosystem Architect. Leading a pioneering community, he blends ancient wisdom with modern tech to foster growth and collaboration among visionaries and change-makers.

Connect with him HERE. 


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Welcome | The Power of Perspective
01:12 Introducing the Guest: Nikhil
05:49 The Importance of Breath and Presence
08:10 Navigating Life’s Challenges
09:43 The Power of Storytelling
15:21 The Journey of Personal Development
28:00 Conclusion: The Power of Breath and Presence Revisited

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