The Fastest Way To Cure Burnout And Find Fulfillment

I’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses in less than 3 years. And I’m going to be truthful with you..

HINT: it has nothing to do with…

Social media, webinars, sales pages, or any of the other marketing tactics “gurus” tell you that you need to succeed online…

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Lets dive in!

When I started over in early 2020, many entrepreneurs I know urged me to keep the momentum going and push…

And while there is nothing wrong with those things,  ( I’ve built some big brands over the years) , I knew that I wanted to shift the paradigm of marketing. Instead…

  • I wanted my brand to stand out among other marketing experts
  • I wanted it to be about a movement
  • I wanted my brand to be about humanity over transactions
  • ⁠I wanted my brand to create authentic relationships regardless if people bought or not 

I’ve always believed that… “ you never have a marketing problem, you have a relationship problem” , and if that meant it took longer to scale, then so be it.

But the crazy thing is…

I DID scale…and helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs too. 

And I did it all by trusting my intuition and path.

SO..how does this apply to you. 

Let’s dive into a question I received about avoiding burnout and fulfilling your potential. 

#1- Struggling To Find Clarity

Your Question: my goal is to find clarity in what I do and fully embrace and accept it. I don’t have wild aspirations to be a millionaire or anything. I just want to find peace in what I do for a living and feel fulfilled that I’m utilizing more of my potential.

First off, thank you for sending this in. In the world of entrepreneurship, there’s a good chance if you’re listening to this podcast, you don’t like sleazy strategies and tactics.

You believe in humanity over transactions like me. And I love that.

My answer: The number one tip I have is to make sure you surround yourself with people who will lift you up and challenge you every step of the way. 

Make sure you have a community. Whether it’s my podcast, Facebook group, events, or even your own entrepreneur circle, friends in your life, or someone in your inner circle that knows what you’re doing and  what you’re up against.

This is EXTREMELY important.

Entrepreneurship can feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill and squeezing out a small bit of a change. But when you have an inner circle, you are supported enough to know that your impact is measured over the long game, not just the challenging moments or thoughts of doubt. 

I’m human like you and if I have days of frustration or think I’m out of alignment, or not on the path, I turn towards my family, close friends, and team.


I am nothing without my team and family. I am nothing without my friends and close business acquaintances.

It’s their love and  that reminds me what I’m doing matters and allows me to keep going. 

So I think this is one of the most important things that you can do if you feel lost and burned out. 

Find a community and ask for help. Because when you do, not only will you grow, but you’ll help others too.

#2- Not Feeling Fulfilled

Your Question: What do you do if your current business or situation does not give you peace and fulfillment?

My Answer- Change your thoughts and life because life is short and you’re gonna die.

I just turned 39 years old and feel like I’ve lived many lifetimes.

I’ve been deployed to combat and almost lost my life multiple times. Not to mention through a host of other challenges at an early age that gave me the strength and courage to understand that time on earth is limited, and every single day, moment,  minute, and single second is a choice for me to have an experience of one that I either love or one that I loathe.

And truth be told is that in the life that I’ve lived, , I will no longer choose loathing.

How does this apply to you?

You have to first understand what gives you fulfillment because no one is ever coming to save you.

Whatever you want in your business and life, you have to be able to measure it.

For me, it’s autonomy in my schedule, and  my ability to work anywhere in the world. I don’t want to be tied down on calls every day. And that’s when it comes down to knowing that I have a team that can operate without me and make decision based upon my company values and who they are as a human. Together, we operate on principles in the business that reflect how we want people to feel.

At The Mind Of George, we want people to feel valued, loved, heard, and respected regardless if they ever buy from us. And so me and my team are all aligned on what gives us peace and fulfillment in our business.

So,  if your current business situation doesn’t give you peace and fulfillment, the first thing that you have to do is an audit of your life, and you have to get an accurate view of the entire field.

Ask yourself: What gives you safety and confidence? What gives you peace? What gives you fulfillment? What gives you whatever it is that you’re looking for?

After you ask these questions,  then you have to be able to measure it because if not, then you’re gonna end up living in a world thinking that it’s all going to come to you, but it never will because you never described and texturized it to be actually achievable.

Remember this: “The only certainty you have is that you get to work every day and that change is inevitable”

Once you’ve recognized all the areas that need improvement, you prioritize them based on a waterfall and list out everything you think you need to work on, and make sure those are the only things you work on first and foremost.

Entrepreneurship is just like a garden. You have to tend to it. You have to water it.

Once you do these TWO things and you start implementing them into places, things will start to come into alignment.

And it all starts with – your life audit. 

Your life audit is the powerful strategy you need if you want to be here for the long game.

Now it’s YOUR TURN.

Because you never have a marketing problem, you have a relationship problem…with yourself, team, and family/friends.

But when you fiercely embody your values, you’ll see all those problems go away, and You’ll ATTRACT everything you desire. 

That is the power of INTEGRITY and TRUTH. 

Until next podcast …


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