The Power of Presence: Dallas Event Recap with Ashley DeLuca

The work is really an inside out game. Like it’s just me continuing to find places and pieces where I get to be better.

Oooh, this feels like a tickle. Join George and Ashley in their reflection on heart-centered leadership and authentic power. Explore the impact of their recent event and the invaluable feedback received from their recent Dallas event.

So grab your earbuds and tune in to learn how to…

  • Give the gift of presence for meaningful connections
  • Fuel growth and breakthroughs through community and support.
  • Experience deeper connections by letting go of perfectionism.
  • Seize the moment; life and business have no finish lines.
  • Lead with your heart in business and life.

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Opening Thoughts: The Power of Presence and Letting Go
01:52 Reflecting on the Dallas Event: A Transformative Experience
03:55 The Journey of Personal and Professional Growth
09:37 Creating Magic: The Evolution of Event Planning
11:51 The Essence of Connection: Learning from Each Other
18:56 The Impact of Presence: Deep Dive into Personal Insights
34:48 Embracing the Journey of Personal Growth
35:19 The Power of Perspective: From Darkness to Leadership
36:28 Continuous Improvement: A Lifelong Quest
38:09 The Essence of Leadership: Connection and Understanding
44:43 Transformative Events: Impact and Reflections
52:04 The Heart of Community: Building Together
01:02:35 Vision for the Future: Events and Community Impact

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