The Real Essence of Leadership

Are you ready to serve and support your team and customers on another level? Join George as he dives into the real essence of leadership—it’s not about climbing the ranks but lifting others up! 

Press play to know how to serve and support your team and customers by designing the customer journey that will make them the hero of their own story. Learn about how to focus on relationships, integrity, and values in business and leadership.

Grab your earbuds and learn how to…

  • Help those around you rise up – leadership is not just about personal advancement
  • Design the customer journey to make the customer the hero of their own story
  • Prioritize relationships, integrity, and values in business and leadership
  • Constantly improve and align with your values for success

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction to Leadership and Personal Growth
02:11 The Essence of Leadership: Insights and Inspirations
03:12 Applying Leadership Principles to Business and Life
05:29 The Customer Journey: A Leadership Perspective
09:26 Integrity and Impact in Business Practices
16:35 Conclusion: A Call to Authentic Leadership

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