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Now, building a six, seven, and eight figure brand is no easy task…

It can take weeks, months, and sometimes years of strategizing before you get to that next level. Sure there are templates and strategies you can find that might help…

But those are really crutches – of entrepreneurship. 


They’re like a lifeline, if you will, that helps you gain momentum when you have the right foundations and run into some obstacles.

But what strategies and tactics don’t do for you is help you build RELATIONSHIPS.

If you want to build a brand that will be around for the long term,  then you need to have a blueprint for whatever business you choose to market.

And that’s exactly what these 7 marketing laws will help you do.

So take notes, and start mastering the art of marketing by implementing these laws today. 

Marketing Law # 1 - Everyone Feels Seen, Heard, And Respected Whether They GIve You A Credit Card Or Not

Alright, the first law speaks for itself.

Treat everyone with respect and value regardless of whether they do business with you.

86% of marketing is word of mouth, and the average consumer gives eight to ten brand recommendations or non recommendations, whether you realize it or not.

Law # 1 is what determines your referral success. 

Marketing Law # 2 - Focus On Building Long-Term Relationships, Not One Night Stands

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in a transaction only mindset on social media.

But if you follow law #1, then building long term relationships will make any conversions/sales that much easier?

The goal here is simple: understand that “a no is not a no forever”.

Continue to provide support wherever possible and if you’ve seeded the importance of your relationship well enough, then you should eventually have a lifetime fan who becomes a referral generating machine. 


And that brings us to law # 3

Marketing Law # 3 - Engage In Two-Way conversations, Not One Way Lectures

Our customers owe us nothing.

Just because you put content into the world, doesn’t mean your audience will trust you. In fact, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is the human on the other side of the screen.


Human beings require connection and safety to take the next step. So, if you create social media content and courses without ever responding to a comment or email, then you’ve lost the game.

You really need to step up your game with everything you create.

And remember— time is of essence when it comes to feeling seen, heard, and understood. 

Marketing Law # 4 - Listen Intently With What Your Customers Want And Say

The goal here is to convey that you are listening and learning from every interaction with your audience. 

Remember, you’ve been educating your audience with every piece of content you create.

If you pay attention , you’ll be able to create raving fans who love you.

Which leads to law # 5. 

Marketing Law # 5 - Learn Or Serve With Everything You Do

Complexity creates barriers to what we truly desire.


The biggest problem I see with entrepreneurs, is they attempt to go wide instead of deeper


Remember what your job isFind a problem and create a solution.

Truly care about helping everyone you interact with, and you will always win. 


Don’t create more work for yourself.


Marketing Law # 6 - Make Every Interaction Personable

As we all become more attached to our phones, the most important thing we can do is have more conversations.

One of my favorite hacks for years has been personalization, and wherever I get a chance to add a little extra personalization to my relationships, magic happens.

Create intentionality behind everything you do.

Send more personalized DM’s, surprise gifts, cards, and anything else that shows you care about the human on the other side of the interaction.

Do this consistently enough, and soon enough, you’ll see your business skyrocket.

Marketing Law # 7 - Don’t Leave Anyone Behind

Last, but certainly not least— strive to  serve all of your customers or potential customers to the best of your ability.

I’ve built frameworks on this law alone and its generated multiple 7, 8, & 9 figure brands. 

Treat everyone the same, regardless if you ever buy from you once, twice, or never at all.

Always do your best to help, because, even if somebody’s not a customer, it doesn’t mean they’re not important.

They still invested in you, took a chance, and consumed your content. So they deserve just as much love and attention as somebody who’s paying you today.

Wrap Up 


So, those are my seven marketing laws, and here is my recommendation:

Come up with your own by using mine as a foundation. Take these laws seriously because  these are the laws that legacies are built on.


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