These 4 pieces guarantee your success in 2024

Are your needle movers supporting your mind, body, being, and business? 

Success boils down to one thing: your ability to remain consistent on the habits and actions that propel you down your path. 

Join George for this throwback episode sharing the framework he uses with his private clients, the Sacred Light Keeper Quadrants. 

If you want to optimize your time and energy, this episode will teach you how to create daily rituals and habits so you feel confident moving through any obstacle thrown your way.

Tune in to…

  • Explore different practices you can implement to help set the tone for your day. 
  • Dive into the power of future self-journaling and intentional service to others. 
  • Uncover the four pillars of a thriving body—sleep, nutrition, movement, and breath (and why these will be your new non-negotiables!!!)
  • Gain insights into prioritizing the actions that move the needle forward. 

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand how to integrate the Sacred Light Keeper Quadrants into your daily life. It’s time to infuse intention into every aspect of your journey! 


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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Theme of the Year
01:11 Welcome to The Mind of George Show
01:20 The Importance of Marketing
01:51 The Sacred Light Keeper Quadrants
03:17 The Importance of Implementing Knowledge
05:00 The Four Areas of Focus: Mind, Being, Body, Business
08:45 The Being Section Explained
11:58 The Body Section Explained
14:54 The Business Section Explained
20:34 The Importance of a Stillness Practice
22:38 Harnessing Energy for Productivity
23:35 The Power of Stillness Practice
25:04 The Importance of Breath
25:25 The Role of Sleep in Performance
26:45 Breathing Techniques for Stress Management
29:46 The Balance of Creating and Consuming
32:09 The Impact of Intentional Consumption
34:09 The Importance of Designing Your Day
38:31 The Power of Intentionality
41:27 Conclusion: The Impact of Daily Habits and Rituals

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