They lied to you…Motivation is not real!!!

If motivation is dwindling inside of your business, it’s time to shake some sh*t up! 

Welcome back to the Mind of George where today we are dive into Sirota’s Three Factor theory. If you have ever experienced a decline of motivation that can’t be fixed with a third cup of coffee in the afternoon, these insights are essential for creating environments that spark momentum. 

Whether you apply these lessons to yourself, your team, or your customer journey, here’s the tools you’ll need. Listen in to learn…

  • Why motivation naturally declines intentionally and unintentionally
  • The Three Factors of Sirota’s theory and how to apply them effectively inside of your business.
  • How to build strong relationships that promote positivity, encouragement, and collaboration to enhance the team dynamic. 

Creating an environment that nurtures motivation and engagement goes beyond the surface level fluff. It allows you to address the deep factors that drive impact inside of your business. Be open to new tools and ideas– it fosters a thriving environment for you and everyone else inside. 

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