Unlocking Powerful Marketing Secrets With Ray Higdon

Rock bottom is where we tend to meet our true selves. It’s that place in an entrepreneur’s life when you don’t have the energy for not showing up authentically. When you are so exhausted from pretending to live someone else’s life. That’s where Ray Higdon was before he chose to turn his pain into wisdom and become exactly who he needed to be. Ray went from broke, divorced, and depressed to becoming one of the best networking marketers in the game today.

Ray is the bestselling author of Time, Money, Freedom and a highly respected expert who works with high achievers to help them master their emotions and reach their full potential in business and in life. In today’s episode, we talk about how to recognize the value you bring to the world and how to use it as a superpower to skyrocket your business.

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Listen in to discover:

  • How he went from broke to millions
  • Why your business problem isn’t what you think and how to fix it 
  • Secrets to leading yourself and four journal prompts for daily success
  • 5 most important F’s you can use inside your life
  • How to use your energy to fuel your purpose and future 

Time Stamps And Quotes

00:00 George’s famous introductions 

05:36 Ray’s revelation from hitting rock bottom 

19:27 Ray shares 3 mantras to improve the quality of your life 

21:59 The importance of having a strong partner in your life 

26:06 The true definition of integrity 

28:17- Ray gives journal prompts for daily success

42:12 Ray shares his biggest moments of success

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