Using the Language of Numbers to Interpret Energy with Meaghan Alton

Do you ever wonder about the hidden meanings behind numbers and how they shape our lives?

Numerology isn’t just about numbers; it’s the key to unlocking the energy patterns that guide our existence.

In today’s episode, George is joined by the incredibly magical Meaghan Alton, our queen of numerology, who unveils the power of numbers and how they influence every aspect of our lives.

We’re breaking down numerology and diving into how it can positively infuse your understanding of life and business. Tune in to learn more about…

  • Understanding your personal “code” through numerology and how it empowers you to align with your true self. 
  • Making decisions that resonate with your energy. 
  • Numerology basics and decoding the numbers around us. 

This is your access to have a two-way conversation with the universe and Meaghan is breaking down how to engage in a meaningful dialogue with her. 

This episode will leave you equipped to embrace your numerological journey and live in alignment with your true essence.


Ready to join the magic Meaghan is creating? Turn your challenges into portals of growth and activation by discovering your unique alchemy code. Tap into ancient technologies and channelled guidance to transmute darkness into light, and shift challenges into opportunities. 

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Introduction and Personal Reflections
04:39 The Power of Numerology: An Overview
10:53 Understanding Your Personal Numerology Code
13:08 The Role of Emotions in Numerology
19:14 The Concept of Light and Shadow in Numerology
21:59 Applying Numerology in Business and Personal Life
30:58 Understanding Personal Development and Numerology
31:37 The Power of Environmental Triggers and Personal Growth
32:37 The Importance of Feeling Seen, Heard, and Understood
33:20 Numerology and Personal Alignment
37:08 Applying Numerology in Parenting and Business
43:33 The Power of Self-Authority and Sovereignty in Numerology

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