Welcome to 20 years of therapy every single day with Liz Benny

Today George is sharing an interview from a really good friend, Liz Benny where they dive in deep to share about how you can navigate the complexities of business and personal growth with grace and grit. 

In this episode, they both explore how entrepreneurs can take ahold of the magic of taking action and embracing change. This episode is packed with so many lessons and so you’ll want to grab your earbuds and tune in to learn how…

  • One question opens up a door that nobody saw coming.
  • Divine moments are constantly dropping in if you take a moment to see them.
  • Connection is the most important piece of the puzzle.

This episode is packed with deep reflections between two really good friends that you’re not going to want to miss – so grab your notebook!

The original podcast can be found on the Liz Benny’s show (The Happy Millions!)

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Welcome to the episode: George and Liz’s life-changing conversation
00:50 Introducing The Happy Millions Show
01:35 George’s Life Insights: From Calves to Connections
02:51 Embracing Pink: George’s Journey to Authenticity
09:06 The Power of Authenticity and Alignment in Life and Business
19:12 Breaking the Entrepreneurial Mold: George’s Unique Approach
31:26 The Importance of Play and Authenticity in Business
43:14 Liz’s Playful Experiment: Breaking Barriers with Play-Doh
47:52 Embracing Authenticity: The Play Doh Moment
48:49 The Power of Being Yourself: A Coaching Revelation
49:42 The Journey of Radical Self-Acceptance
51:00 Navigating Life’s Challenges
51:56 Unlocking the Secrets of Schrodinger’s Cat and Life’s Possibilities
54:43 The Transformative Power of Truth and Vulnerability
01:04:35 The Art of Connection and the Science of Change
01:20:52 Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in Authenticity

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