Why Everything You Know About Scaling Your Business To 7-Figures Is All Wrong w/ Brandon Horoho


Scaling a business to 7-figures is the one of scariest things to do in life. It will stretch you thin and challenge your identity. I know so many entrepreneurs who feel trapped inside their business while trying to make it to 7-figures. But those entrepreneurs who do make it to the million dollar mark don’t feel trapped. They understand how important it is to have clarity in their lighthouse. They value relationships and time more than money. They lead with curiosity,  and they trust themselves enough to take action even if the path doesn’t make sense at times. 

That’s why I asked Brandon Horoho to come on the show. Brandon is the co-founder and creative director at Montana Knife Company, a girl dad of two, and a jeep lover. He is the man behind one of the most successful launches in eCommerce businesses I’ve ever seen. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to scale past seven figures, this episode gives you an inside look on how to build a multi-million dollar brand from the ground up.

In this episode you’ll discover :

  • The true definition of marketing and why everything you know about scaling is all wrong
  • How to go deeper instead of wider so you make a long lasting impact
  • The values and principles you must embody to become a seven-figure entrepreneur

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