Why Societal Expectations Lead To Misalignment And Unhappiness With Amrit Sandhu

Emotional episode alert!

Have you been wondering how to navigate the pitfalls of societal pressure and comparison? In today’s episode, George and Amrit reveal the secrets to living a life in alignment with your purpose. As you tune in, you’ll hear from Amrit who shares powerful insights on how aligning with your purpose transforms your life.

Get ready as you’re going to get an inside look as they dive into deep questioning, self-awareness, and meditation to navigate life’s challenges. 

Join us on this transformative journey today and learn how to…

  • Align with your purpose to achieve personal fulfillment
  • Challenge societal expectations and avoid unhealthy comparisons
  • Practice self-love as the foundation of your journey
  • Use storytelling to captivate and inspire others
  • Ask uncomfortable questions to spur personal growth
  • Embrace the messy process of creating and finding purpose with patience and perseverance

Press play as George and Amrit highlight the importance of self-acceptance, finding your original thoughts, and embracing your true self.

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What do we talk about in this episode?

00:00 Choosing the Perfect Show Intro
00:23 Moving Studios and Future Plans
00:54 Deep Dive into Societal Expectations
02:25 Introducing Amrit: A Heartfelt Connection
07:03 Exploring Purpose and Alignment
17:37 The Crisis of Meaning and Mental Health
39:09 Creating and Living Your Purpose
44:53 The Turning Point: Discovering Purpose
45:31 The Struggle and the Breakthrough
46:12 Embracing the Lighthouse Identity
46:48 The Value of Time and Life
48:23 Navigating Life’s Challenges
52:28 The Power of Stillness and Reflection
01:09:26 The Importance of Taking Action

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