Why Templates Are Sh*t In 2023 & Frameworks Are Legit

What’s the secret to a successful customer journey?

 I just wrapped up a private client weekend…

And in this podcast, I’m going to  show you the exact framework I use with all my private clients.

But before we get into that – if you’re new to podcasts, welcome!

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Lets dive in!

Now if you’ve been following along, you know I talk alot about customer journeys– and how many businesses can skyrocket their growth by utilizing a proper framework. 

Why? Because a customer journey is an important aspect of any marketing message you create.

But like most things in life, it’s easier said than done as most entrepreneurs flock to social media forgetting about the back end of things…

And then expect to have a a high conversion rate


Great marketing requires time, patience, and proper frameworks.

Ever since I started The Mind Of George,  I have done thousands of customer journeys.

So , today, I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes of my proven framework for creating a successful journey so you can start converting your ideal clients. 

But before we get into the good stuff, I just want to say… 

THIS framework is not the ONLY framework.  There are hundreds of variations you can follow, I’m just sharing what has worked for me and hundreds of others. 

Let’s dive in!

The Secret To Successful Customer Journeys

One of the most powerful words and tools that an entrepreneur can harness is intentionality.

I talked about this a few episodes ago. 

Because the truth is, I don’t have access to any secrets that you don’t have.

And one of the ways we can attract ideal clients and build a dream business is through a customer journey framework.

We create customer journeys because they are nothing more than intentional relationships. 

The moment we decide to be intentional and take a more active approach to relationships, results follow.

But before you get all gung-ho and start creating emails, you have to understand a few things. 

Because there are a TON of ways that you can utilize email to sell your products and attract your ideal customers.

You cannot make the mistake of jamming information down your audience’s throats and expecting them to level up with just information.

I believe that entrepreneur’s greatest weapon in their arsenal is time.

Which is why you need to answer these two things before you begin:

How long will my ideal customer or client need to achieve this result?
– What will my ideal customer need to achieve their desired results?

Of course there are some nuances to this, but once you start with these questions, you can then map out a full journey.

So let’s dive in…

Here is my 5 step process to crafting a high-converting customer journey from start to finish.  Starting with step #1…

#1 Acknowledge

Before you get started on giving your audience the goods, you need to let them know that they’re in the right place so they understand you’re in their corner.


Welcome to the family and just so you know, at any time you can hit reply to this email and you can let me know if you have any questions, concerns, and my team and I will monitor the inbox. But we are here to help you get that first customer journey in place.

So keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow morning because you’re gonna get an email with a (subject line of blank), and we’re gonna help you prepare to get the most out of this challenge.

This email is short, sweet, and to the point.

What we’re really doing is closing a chapter and creating a marketing ecosystem for them to feel safe inside. 

They have a problem, we have a solution.

Which takes me to #2…

#2 – Prepare

After you acknowledge your client, the very next  thing you need to do in your journey is prepare them for the road ahead. Remember, time is your best friend.


An example  might look like this:

Hey {first name},

Did you read page (insert page number of the best section) of the (free gift) I shared with you in

yesterday’s email?

That one thing was the easiest and most effective needle mover for me to achieve. And don’t worry if you missed yesterday’s email… you’ll find it pasted below this email with the (free gift) attached 🙂

First, it’s important to say that no amount of reading emails or consuming content is going to help you (accomplish goal).

It’s important to take things you learn from me here & put it into practice.

So as you go through the (free gift format), anytime you learn something new that could help impact your (niche), I want to challenge you to mark your spot, and immediately take action on what you learn.

That’s the ONLY way this works… and yes, it works REALLY well when done like this. So go ahead & dive into that (free gift) and start putting what you learn to work for you.

If there is anything I missed or somewhere you need support right now, just hit reply to this email with the details so I can help you.

Excited to be on this journey with you!


You get the point. And you can see how preparing them will help communicate everything they will need to complete the journey and get their desired results.

Next up, #3.

#3 – Project

Alright, so you’ve acknowledged your audience, prepared them for their journey,  and hooked them into sticking around…

The next thing you need to do is let them know about any buyer’s remorse and give simple solutions to their pain points.

So this is where you tell them: “things are going to be tough , but here’s how you get through it”

This is where you’ll use stories and how your product/service can solve their big problem. Case studies and examples will help reduce any roadblocks they might have.

This brings us to the next step…

#4 – Prehandle

Just like you did in the previous step, in pre-handle, you need to go DEEPER with your audience if you want to turn them into paying customers.

So this means listing every objection they might have when taking your journey. 


Hey [first name],

I know sometimes it’s easy to overcomplicate things when it comes to (niche)…

But here’s a secret…

….It’s actually EASY.

I mean it should be. So here’s one thing I do when my brain starts overcomplicating (niche):

Stop what you’re doing (no point in spinning the wheels if you’re not going anywhere)…

Go for a walk outside (get some sunlight)…

And ask yourself, “What would this look like if it were ridiculously easy?”

Let your imagination go to work. Imagine what the most ridiculously simple solution could look like.

A solution so simple that (in your mind) it couldn’t possibly work.

Sure maybe it won’t. BUT it will be the foundational block for you to work from to get some forward momentum.

For example, (give examples specific to niche about incredibly simple solutions to their pain points).

And if you ever want some support to get you moving, I’ve created that will help you without ( objection), even if you are ( before state 1) (2), or or any combination of these. 

This (product / service) helps (benefit 1), (benefit 2), and (benefit 3).

I put together a short page that gives you all the information you need in order to decide if this is

right for you. You can access that page by clicking here. <- Insert link to sales page)


And if you decide it’s not the right fit for you right now, no worries! My job is to help you

accomplish your (specific goal) whether you pay me or not.

This (product / service) is just designed to simplify things & help you get there faster. Ultimately, you have the answers within you already.

I’m just here to help pull those answers out of you & take a little pressure off you on your journey to (after state).


So I invite you to reply to this email & tell me what has kept you the most stuck when it comes to (niche).

I would love to hear from you so I can offer any resources that will help you get forward momentum toward your goal.

Hit reply & let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

That takes us to the final step..

#5 – Excite

After you’ve taken your prospects on a journey, you want to circle back a bit…

It’s important to note that your job isn’t to meet your clients where they want to go, its to meet them where they are right now.


Hey {first name},

Recently I’ve been emailing you daily… and the last thing I want to do is keep you in your inbox

when you could be out (accomplishing goal).

So from here on out I’m just going to send you messages sharing actionable tips, strategies, and inspiration to help you. .

If you decide you want to (buy product / service), you can always do that by clicking here. <- Insert link to sales page. 

Otherwise, I want you to know I’m always here in your corner & absolutely honored that you’ve trusted me with your email address.

I will treat your inbox with respect & only reach out when I have something of absolute value that I truly believe will help you (achieve after state).

In the meantime, you are welcome to reach out to me here anytime or inside of (group name) & I will always respond within 48 hours.

Proud of you & excited to continue our journey together to (after state). Talk to you soon. 


And there you have it – the 5-step formula for writing a high-converting customer journey.

I hope you found this episode useful.


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