Your entitlement will cost you up to $1.6 trillion

Did you know that the cost of poor customer service ranges from $75 billion to $1.6 trillion per year? Entitled customer service is the death of any business, so how can you help prevent it from killing yours next?

Join George as he shares how you can embrace a humble customer service and customer journey approach without creating disconnection along the way. George shares his personal journey with using humility over entitlement, revealing how it created a massive switch and paved the way for his business growth.

Listen to discover…

  • How entitlement strains customer relationships.
  • Why entitled customer service is the result of a myriad of problems. It’s not just having entitled customer service – it is so much more.
  • Why humble customer service can become a competitive edge in this marketplace

You’ll also be learning how to tangibly apply this into your own business with 3 different action items you can implement immediately into your business. 

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