Your Thoughts Dictate Your View


What does mindset mean – SERIOUSLY? 

Is it a word some gurus made up to make more money?

Or is it something you can tap into and change at any time? 

In this solo cast, I talk about how to change your mindset in under one minute a day to bring you more of what you want. 

What’s up, entrepreneurs… It’s George. 

And this week, I’m coming at ya with another solo cast, sharing why your thoughts dictate your view. 

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Why Your Thoughts Dictate Your View 🤯

Entrepreneurship is a long game that tends to be overcomplicated. And no matter how many times you play it, the moment you get comfortable is the moment everything changes. 


A big mistake that I see many entrepreneurs making is rigid views. They think that because something worked before, it will work next. 

The masters are the ones that are forever changing because they know the key to success is to let go of all biases around how they think business should be. 


Take a social media post, for example. 


You get feedback when you post: Did it work? Did it not work? Who commented, or did not comment. Then the next time you post, you end up having this bias and create a paradigm about how it SHOULD go, which changes your natural behavior.


This is completely normal. It is human biology and the ways our bodies work. Here is how you can start creating some awareness around it. 


Reticular Activating System


Your brain has a Reticular activating system that acts as the primary filter for how you process information. And it calculates the most important information based on previous experience. 


Certain things will trigger the system to activate, reminding you of your body’s natural state of defense. 


If you’re a parent, you understand this. You’ll be at a kid’s birthday party with thirty kids running around and be in the middle of a deep conversation with another parent. Then, all of a sudden, you hear the tone of your child crying, and no matter how crowded or loud things are, you instantly recognize that voice. 


This is our default mechanism, and it only sometimes brings a positive result when it comes to business. But when you’re aware of your triggers, they become a superpower because you lead from a position of power. 

I titled today’s show ” your thoughts dictate your view” because I’ve learned to become aware of my thoughts and the way I choose to see the world. 

This has led to more success than in all my previous years as an entrepreneur. 

Am I immune to negativity? Nope. Do I get triggered? Yes. 

But the game now is that I recognize my triggers, and instead of making decisions or reacting, I can get grounded. 

I find stillness, my breath, or go for a quick run to clear my brain so I can get an accurate view of the field before I take action. And so, no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, you must understand no playbook guarantees success, but you can learn how to assess the situation and respond in a manner that maximizes your proficiency. 


How Bright Do You Shine? 


A lighthouse is always standing firm, consistent, and congruent in the middle of a storm, no matter how crazy it might seem. 

The same thing can be said about entrepreneurship. You have to keep your light on and remain constant because it puts you in a position of power. When you shine, you can see the entire field and make intentional decisions on responding, not reacting. 

Because the ONE TRAIT that all successful entrepreneurs possess is their innate ability to remain calm and grounded in the middle of the craziest storms you’ve ever imagined.

That’s the point of having grounded practices in your life like breath work and stillness. Because no matter which way you slice it, the moment you have a breath in your body, and as long as you still do, you can choose. 

Winning The Game 

Winning this game of entrepreneurship is not about making the right choices all the time. It’s about assessing our situation and making the best choice to our abilities. And the best options are the ones that are made from a grounded place. 

This podcast is my permission slip for you to start finding stillness. 

It’s a reminder that your thoughts dictate your view and how you see your business, your employees, and your results. If you’re unhappy with your results, change your thoughts, and everything else will follow. 

Start changing your frame to see the things that you like and love. Focus on bringing more of those into your life, rather than fixating on things you cannot control. 

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